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Vendor Guidelines

All About Weddings / Vendor Guidelines

The “All About Weddings Ltd.” bridal showcase, (“Show”) seeks to provide its visitors with wholesome and friendly images of professional wedding services that are suitable for families from the American Midwest. To produce the best show possible, our participating local business partners (“Vendor”) will present a positive and friendly image that generates a sense of community and goodwill within the “All About Weddings” association of trusted bridal service providers.

Vendor agrees that their employees, assigns, and representatives are to present themselves in a professional manner at all times during the Show. Vendor understands that the Show is to be elegant, but fun, and Vendor is responsible for upholding that image and the values of the Show.

Vendor may not criticize or negatively represent any other business during the Show and must operate in a legal and ethical manner outside the Show. Vendor must be a member of their local community in good-standing to participate in the Show.

Conduct by the Vendor, or their assigns or agents, which is deemed to be outside the community standard of the Show may result in the immediate expulsion of the Vendor from the Show.

Vendor agrees to pay the balance of any and all fees, in full, in time for the vendor pre-show meeting to participate in this event. Booth fees and incidentals, including catering charges for lunches, are the responsibility of Vendor and are due, in full, before the event starts.

Vendor must be licensed to legally do business in the State of Missouri, County of Greene, and the City of Springfield to participate in this show. Vendors who cannot provide proof in the form of written documentation will immediately be removed from the show. Vendors will be asked to provide proper documentation of Springfield, Missouri Business license and a Missouri Tax ID upon check-in for setup of Show.

Booth spaces are ten feet by ten feet. All display materials must fit within that display space and within the air space between the floor and the convention center’s ceiling tiles. Vendor will contact Show staff before hanging any signage or display materials that are required to hang from ceiling supports within the display area. Staff will approve such materials prior to hanging and vendor understands that an additional hanging fee may be required by this contract with Vendor. Freestanding or self-supported materials will not require this additional hanging fee.

Additional equipment, display materials, and additional banquet equipment not provided by Oasis Hotel and Convention Center as part of the All About Weddings Ltd Exhibitor Registration Form, are the responsibility of Vendor. Accidents, theft, or breakage of vendor supplies or equipment will not be the responsibility of Oasis Hotel and Convention Center or All About Weddings Ltd. Such losses which arise during the Show, or setup of the Show, shall be incurred by Vendor. Vendor participates in Show at their own risk.

Vendor may contract separately with rental companies for additional equipment for booth or for display space. Credit for that rental (“Trade”) may be provided with a small sign with the outside vendor’s name and telephone number. Trade signage is limited to no more than 4.5″ x 9″, and Vendor will supply this sign, if required. No other credit may be given for Trade, and no other materials may be displayed in exchange for Trade of rental services.


AAW Member Benefits

All Brides will fill out registration forms on the computer as they enter.

The events are located in Springfield, Missouri’s most prestigious locations.

Exhibitors are welcome to take orders, accept deposits, sign contracts, etc., just as you would in your own place of business.

The event is an excellent opportunity to network with other wedding related businesses.

After each All About Weddings Ltd., every exhibitor will receive a complete listing of the brides who attended the show, including her name, address, telephone number, the date of her wedding, and the type of services still needed. This information will be in email format (Microsoft Excel).

Press releases will be prepared and sent to all area media prior to the event.

Our web site, is becoming a powerful marketing source for your business. This web site is being created to provide helpful information to the educated couple. We plan on include wedding planning tips and links to draw them to your business. The site will be updated monthly and it will be possible for you to list special sales or events for your business.