All About Weddings Ltd.

Thank you for your interest in our wedding shows. All About Weddings Ltd. holds wedding shows semi-annually, one on in January and another in August. Traditionally, each show attracts a large number of engaged couples, registering approximately 500 brides. Over the past eleven years, our member vendors have steadily increased to over 80 merchants. We have the reputation of being the premier wedding show in southwest Missouri — and the most elegant.

There is no doubt this organization has grown due to our willingness to help one another and because we encourage the members to take the time to get to know each other. This camaraderie extends well beyond the actual dates of the wedding shows. As a newly engaged couple, this benefits you because our members are well acquainted with one another and can refer you to some of the very best wedding services in our area.

Because we all derive our livelihood from this community, we have felt it is important that we give back to the community in some way. That is why we always have a designated charity. Our currently designated charity is Champion Athletes of the Ozarks, a program striving to build self-esteem, self-confidence, and everyday life skills.